SSCO was founded in 1896 and is a cooperative organization for student unions in Stockholm. SSCO has got ca. 30 members and, through them, represent ca. 85 000 students.

SSCO:s offices are located on the first floor.


The Student Health Services

The Student Health Services is part of the student services offered by Stockholm University. There are also other colleges in Stockholm associated with the Student Health Services. To find out which colleges, please visit The Student Health Services website.

The Student Health Services is located on the ground floor.

Please observe that the Walk-in reception only takes place at Studenthuset, Frescati.

For medical advice and help finding the right care you can always contact the Medical and Crisis Consultant: 1177.

When in need of acute psychiatric care contact the Psychiatric Emergency: 08-123 492 00.

At life-threatening conditions call the emergency number: 112. is a lobbyorganization for young people who have grown tired of the lack of housing and wants to do something about it. rents part of SSCO:s offices on the first floor.