The Janitors’ office and the reception desk

In the entrance hall there is a computer that can be used for shorter sessions and printing. The printer is at the janitors’ office, where you can also get copies and scan documents.

At the reception desk you can buy pens, pencils, notebooks, disposable cutlery, earplugs etc.

The janitor sells coffee, tea, fruit and other snacks.

We only accept payment by card. Unfortunately we cannot accept payments below 10 SEK.


Storage lockers

Storage lockers are located on the second floor, outside the study hall Magistern and by the handicap toilet outside of the study hall Kandidaten.

Bring your own padlock or buy one at the reception desk.

The lockers can be used until Wednesday December 19th. Padlocks that have been left behind after December 19th will be cut and the remaining content in the locker will be disposed of.


There are also a few lockers for short term storage inside the janitors’ office.

We do not accept responsibility for valuables.


Student kitchen

On the ground floor to the left behind the janitors’ office you’ll find a small kitchen with a fridge and microwave ovens for packed lunches.

There is also access to a kettle and a sink to do dishes.



For now, Studentpalatset doesn’t have a café. You can buy coffee and some snacks at the Janitor’s office.