Weekdays: 08.30-22.30

Weekends: 09.00-19.00


From 17.00 on weekdays and during the whole day on weekends you need an access card to enter the building. You can buy or borrow a card at the reception desk. Read more: Entrance


Opening hours during holidays


Christmas & New Years’

Tuesday December 22nd – Open until 17.00

Wednesday December 23rd – Closed

Christmas Eve December 24th – Closed

Christmas Day December 25th – Closed

Boxing Day December 26th – Closed

Sunday December 27th – Closed

Monday December 28th – Closed

Tuesday December 29th – Closed

Wednesday December 30th – Closed

New Year’s Eve December 31st – Closed

New Year’s Day January 1st – Closed

Saturday January 2nd – Closed

Sunday January 3rd – Closed

Monday January 4th – Closed

Twelfth Night January 5th – Closed

Twelfth Day January 6th – Closed