The quiet seats are distributed amongst 4 different study halls. On the first floor, next to the café, is Recentioren with 15 seats. On the second floor you’ll find three study halls: Magistern with 86 seats, Kandidaten with 65 seats and Studenten with 42 seats. There are also ca. 80 seats in the corridors and about 90 seats in Licentiaten and Doktorn on the third floor where you can sit and talk.

Right now we are waiting for a new booking system so there is free seating in all the study halls until that is in place.

There are several different study halls of different sizes to choose amongst. In one of the study halls, Recentioren, you are not not allowed to bring a computer. In the other study halls there are outlets at each seat.

On some occasions when the seats are fully booked, the auditorium can be opened for extra seats.

Click here to view a map of the study halls and group study rooms.